Company History

Our Legacy

Innovative Solutions Since 1970

Founded in 1970 by James O. Westbrooks, Prestige Sales Company, Inc. (now Prestige) began as a dedicated supplier for the dairy and cold storage industry. Over the years, our focus has evolved, leading us to specialize in advanced storage equipment and material handling products. Our journey from a niche supplier to a leader in full-service storage and material handling reflects our commitment to quality and innovation.

Prestige proudly stands as a testament to enduring excellence in the industry. From institutions to government agencies, we cater to a wide range of clients, providing top-tier solutions. As the largest stocking distributor of Steel King Industries racking and Lyon Workspace Products in the Southeast, our inventory is unmatched. Our ability to quickly ship and reduce project lead time with our stock inventory of products at competitive rates sets us apart from the competition.

Comprehensive Services, Tailored Solutions

Expertly Designed to Meet Your Unique Storage Challenges

Our service spectrum has grown to encompass turnkey project management, from new installations to relocation and teardowns. Our skilled crews, capable of traveling nationally but heavily focused in the Southeast, are the backbone of our solutions. At Prestige, we not only offer a wide range of new products but also a varied selection of used shelving and racking options. This diverse inventory ensures that we can meet any storage or material handling need, no matter the constraints.

Our commitment to innovation and quality remains unwavering as we continue to expand our offerings. Each project we undertake is a step forward in our mission to provide the most efficient, reliable, and high-quality storage and material handling solutions in the market.

Prestige's Core Values

Embodied Commitments Shaping Our Service, Solutions, and Success


Quality is our signature at Prestige. Upholding exceptional standards, we ensure each solution is crafted with excellence, delivering dependable and superior results that consistently exceed expectations.


Integrity is the backbone of Prestige. We embrace transparency and uphold ethical practices, fostering trust and respect in every interaction, and establishing ourselves as a model of principled business conduct.


Adaptability is our strategy. We anticipate and respond to the dynamic needs of the industry with agility, ensuring that Prestige's solutions remain cutting-edge, flexible, and perfectly suited to our clients.

Customer Focus

We attentively address our clients’ needs, tailoring our services for their utmost satisfaction, and nurture enduring relationships through dedicated and personalized support.

Hard Work

Hard Work is the essence of our ethos. Our team's unwavering dedication and industrious spirit underpin our pursuit of excellence, solidifying Prestige's status as a leader in the industry.


Teamwork fuels our achievements. We unite diverse skills and ideas, harnessing collaborative synergy to innovate and excel, ensuring that together we reach new heights of industrial success.

Decades of Innovation

The Evolution of Prestige Sales Company

1970: Establishment

Founded in 1970 by James O Westbrooks, Prestige Sales Company began its journey in Chattanooga, TN, setting the stage for a legacy in storage and material handling solutions.

1980: Diversifying into General Storage & Material Handling

Prestige Sales Company strategically expanded its scope, transitioning from specializing in dairy-specific storage products to offering a wide range of general storage and material handling equipment. 

1985: Revolutionizing the Industry with Wholesale Model

Prestige Sales Company pioneered a transformative change in the storage and material handling industry by introducing the wholesale model. This innovative approach not only revolutionized industry practices but also significantly expanded Prestige Sales Company's market reach and influence.

1993: Transition to Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Prestige Sales Company made a strategic shift from its wholesale business model to direct-to-consumer sales. This transition opened new avenues for growth and allowed Prestige Sales Company to engage more closely with its customer base, offering tailored solutions and personalized service.

2000: Expansion of Product Range & Installation Services

Prestige Sales Company significantly broadened its portfolio by introducing an array of new products, including Mezzanines and Modular Offices, among others. This year also marked the establishment of the Prestige Sales Company installation team, a pivotal development that enhanced our service capabilities and provided clients with comprehensive, end-to-end solutions.

2019: Embracing Advanced Technology with Modula

Recognizing the critical importance of cost-efficiency and cutting-edge technology, Prestige Sales Company formed a strategic partnership with Modula, a front-runner in storage automation. This collaboration marked the introduction of an innovative product line at Prestige Sales Company, aligning with the evolving demands of the industry and setting new standards in automated storage solutions.

2023: Brand Evolution to "Prestige"

Prestige Sales Company embraced a major brand refresh to "Prestige," reflecting its evolution and future-focused vision. It's a strategic step, enhancing our market presence and aligning with our technological advancements, poised to drive future growth.