Warehouse Safety

Steel King Guard Rail

Experience a staple in warehouse safety with Steel King’s Steel Guard Heavy Duty Guard Rail systems. These robust barriers are designed to offer maximum protection for your equipment, work areas, and personnel. Made from high-quality steel, they provide a durable solution for delineating walkways, safeguarding machinery, and defining perimeters. Their modular design ensures easy installation and flexibility, allowing for customization to fit the unique contours of your facility. Prestige is a proud stocking distributor of the Steel Guard product line, carrying 1’ rails all the way up to 10’ rails in 1’ increments, along with accompanying 18” H and 42” H posts with various configurations on the baseplates. Considering this material is readily available at our Chattanooga, TN facility, we can save you on both freight and lead time.

Post Protectors

Extend the life of your racking systems with our stocked Steel King post protectors. Engineered to absorb and deflect impact, these protectors prevent costly damage to the structural integrity of your upright columns, often caused by forklift forks and outriggers. Available in various sizes and designs, they are an essential addition to any safety-conscious warehouse, and become an economical solution when compared to replacing uprights.

End of Aisle Guards

The Wilgard XT End-Aisle Rack Protectors, available at Prestige, offer superior protection for warehouse racking systems. These robust protectors are crafted from high-strength steel, designed to shield the ends of aisles from forklift impact and other industrial wear. Their durability and easy installation make them an essential addition for maintaining the integrity and safety of your storage areas, ensuring a longer lifespan for your racking systems in high-traffic warehouse environments.

Load Stops

At high beam elevations in racking systems, it is sometimes challenging for forklift operators to load pallets properly in the depth direction of the system. In single row applications, if pallets are loaded too far back, there is a risk in damaging walls, or worse, pushing a pallet out of a system potentially on top of equipment or personnel. In these instances, your rack can be outfitted with load stops, typically elevated a few inches above a beam level. These products, which we stock in a host of widths and offsets, provide a “stop” to limit product damage and put safety at the forefront. For optimal protection, load stops can be combined with netting or RackBack to prevent loose items from falling from elevated heights.

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More Warehouse Safety Products

Explore our additional Safety prouct offerings


Elevate your safety standards with WireCrafters RackBack® panels. These wire mesh panels attach directly to the back of your racking systems, preventing items from falling and potentially causing injuries or product damage. RackBack® panels act as a physical barrier, promoting a safer work environment and helping to maintain compliance with safety regulations. Their robust construction and easy installation make them an ideal choice for warehouses looking to enhance security and protect their assets.


Ensure the safety of your personnel and products with our versatile netting options. Designed to catch and contain falling items, our netting reduces the risk of accidents and product loss. It’s an effective solution for areas where items are frequently moved and handled, providing an additional layer of protection. Customizable to fit various applications and size constraints, netting is a practical and cost-effective way to improve warehouse safety.