Installation & Disassembly

With 50 years of experience, Prestige can provide complete installations for all of our product offerings with our in-house installation crews and partner subcontractors. We are fully licensed and insured to perform professional, turnkey storage and material handling installation services.

Prestige provides installation services for the exhaustive list of racking systems, whether it be selective, cantilever, drive-in, push back, pallet flow, or something custom. Our internal team has the experience to make sure your system is set-up for success, and installed as recommended by the manufacturer, from every anchor to every bolt.

Our team also provides installation services for shelving in various styles, sizes, capacities, and configurations. We can equip shelving with a host of features, including dividers, shelf boxes, modular drawers, bin fronts, and mobile shelving set-ups where floor space is limited and of high value.

Utilizing as much air space as possible in a warehouse is essential to maximizing your footprint. A typical way to accomplish this is to implement various types of mezzanine / industrial platform systems. We ensure all systems are designed to meet specific capacities – 125 psf. live load is generally the minimum required by OSHA. Decking options for rack and shelving supported systems include bar grating, specialty board over roof deck, and solid steel deck over roof deck. Free-standing mezzanines offer the greatest flexibility, allowing multiple levels to operate independently.

Modular offices and enclosures provide an additional way for teams to utilize their space more effectively. These buildings are used for both interior and exterior applications. KD (Knock Down) units require field installation for electrical hook-up at a pre-wired circuit boxes. There are many options and accessories that are used with each installation, as this is very similar to constructing a standard building. The advantage of modular is the ability to move the structure in an ever changing environment and reassemble it in a new location. Systems are available in single or multi-story arrangements with a wide variety of wall options for various applications. Units can be designed to meet local codes and stamped by a state approved engineer. If your office needs electrical, plumbing, HVAC, flooring, or other special systems, Prestige is able to serve as a general contractor to line-up the proper sub-contractors to provide a complete system.

As we have grown our automated storage division, our installation team has expanded their skillset. These product offerings combine mechanical, electrical, and software systems into powerful solutions that require technical experience both to install and maintain. We have in-house employees with the proper training and certifications to implement these solutions for our customers.

All projects are engineered to meet local codes and any particular customer requirement. We hold contractor licenses in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. We offer a complete turnkey package, utilizing in-house installation crews and partnered subcontractors to satisfy our customers’ needs.

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Project Teardown

Please give us a call when you need to remove, replace, or modify an existing installation. We can provide the labor and transportation required for reassembly, storage, and/or disposal. Our project teardown services are typically offered as part of a turnkey solution involving new warehouse installations and infrastructure. Our teardown capabilities, combined with our engineering and installation services, allow us to be the only source necessary for your warehouse equipment and storage needs.