Material Handling

Lifting and Positioning Equipment

Lift Tables/Pallet Positioners

Lift tables and pallet positioning equipment can be essential to any operation looking to reduce the risks that come with manually maneuvering products. These products are used in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, and other places where workers need to be in ergonomic positions. Lift tables specifically prevent the need to repeatedly bend over and lift parts from the floor. Turntables, controls, bellow skirts, and other features can be added to truly customize these products so they can fit any application.

Also available is a tilt table. Tilt tables, a variation of a lift table, raises vertically, but also tilts so that employees do not have to stretch as much when removing the last few products from a container or pallet.

We offer a plethora of styles, configurations, and capacities that come in hydraulic and pneumatic options.

Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks have been used for years to move palatalized product around. Not much has changed. Pallet trucks can be an effective tool to move product quickly when fork trucks are unavailable or just not feasible.

Some innovations have led to high-lift pallet trucks, which can also be used as pallet positioning equipment. These pallet trucks lift the product high enough so that it can be retrieved easily and moved around efficiently. We offer pallet trucks in both manual and powered options.

Drum Lifts

We partner with Morse, a manufacturer that specializes in ergonomic barrel and drum handling equipment. These drum lifts can lift, move, pour, rack, and even weigh drums. Whether it be drum trucks, drum dollies, drum palletizers, drum rotators, drum rollers, or drum handling forklift attachments, we carry the full-line of products that will meet your drum material handling needs.

We can design our drum lifts to handle typical 55-gallon drums, made of steel, plastic, or fiber, or atypical small drums.

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Dock Equipment

Edge of Dock Leveler

We offer a host of Edge of Dock (EOD) levelers that come in a wide range of sizes and capacities to fit your specific application and budget. We partner with Aaron-Bradley, who has proven to be both dependable and affordable. The EOD is designed with a torsion spring mechanism and is available in 20,000 lb., 25,000 lb., 30,000 lb., and 35,000 lb. capacities. As a result of the design, there is no lifting required to engage the leveler. It is a simple pull-push of the lever bar that automatically sets the leveler into place. This greatly reduces the risk of injury when compared to using a traditional portable dock board.

Shelters / Seals

Dock seals are designed to seal the space between the shipping dock wall and the delivery truck/trailer. Their primary functions are to provide energy conservation and protect freight from the elements of weather. Also available is the  RT’, ‘FT’ and ‘RL’ dock shelters and rail shelters. They cover the gap between the dock wall and the delivery truck/trailer or at the rail dock. Available in rigid and flexible/collapsible frames, the shelters typically allow full-width access to the vehicle/train car for unrestricted entry and exit.

We also carry the “RT”, “FT”, and “RL” dock shelters and rail shelters.


Dock bumpers are a great addition to your dock. They provide a “cushion” between the truck/trailer and the dock, thus reducing the potential for damage to both dock doors and trailers. Therefore, they are a great way to reduce damage to dock doors and trailers. They are available in molded and laminated models, in all industry-standard sizes, but can be custom-designed to fit unique applications.