We are proud to collaborate with industry-leading partners to bring you the best in storage, space transformation, automation, and material handling equipment.

Traditional Storage Partners

Steel King

Founded in 1970, Steel King is an industry leading manufacturer of pallet rack, drive in rack, flow rack, pushback rack, cantilever rack, and industrial safety guard railing. Prestige is an Excalibur Distributor, and the only stocking dealer in the Southeast.

Nashville Wire Products

Since 1934, Nashville Wire Products has been manufacturing complex metal solutions. Prestige is a premier stocking distributor of Nashville Wire’s pallet rack wire deck panels.


Lyon LLC has been striving since 1901 to be the storage system manufacturer that consistently delivers the best possible workspace solutions for its customers. Lyon manufactures cabinets, lockers, industrial shelving, and other workspace technology; products Prestige has been stocking since 1980.

Quantum Storage Systems

Quantum Storage provides a wide range of plastic storage containers, bin, and wire shelving systems. Quantum is known for its rugged and strong nesting bins.


Since 1950, Rousseau has been manufacturing the highest quality cabinets, workstations, shelving, and accessories in the industry.


Akro-Mils specializes in storage and material handling products, namely, plastic storage bins, totes, and containers. Since 1947, Akro-Mils has been a leader in organization and efficiency.

Strong Hold

Strong Hold crafts industrial-strength storage solutions like cabinets, lockers, and workbenches, designed for durability and customization to enhance efficiency and safety in diverse industries.

Art Metal Products

Art Metal Products specializes in manufacturing a wide range of lockers, shelving, and cabinets, offering solutions for schools, offices, gyms, and various other environments.


PSiSC offers high-quality, eco-friendly commercial restroom and locker room products, including partitions, lockers, and accessories. Their products are customizable, ensuring a perfect fit for diverse project needs, with a commitment to customer satisfaction and design functionality.

Space Transformation Partners


Wildeck is a leading manufacture of material lifts, warehouse mezzanines, industrial safety gates and stairs, and more. Wildeck is one of Prestige’s earliest partners, and is a market leader when it comes to design and engineering.

InPlant Offices

Based in St. Louis, MO, InPlant Offices Incorporated (IPO) manufacturers modular office building systems and partitions.

Panel Built

Since 1995, Panel Built has been manufacturing a complete line of custom modular offices, mezzanines, and security booths.


WireCrafters provides creative solutions when it comes to safety, security, and storage. Established in 1967, WireCrafters LLC has grown to become the nation’s leading producer of wire partition products.

Automation Partners


Modula is a leading manufacture in vertical lift modules and automated storage solutions. Modula’s products are made in the USA, and Prestige is a proud authorized dealer with factory trained installation and service technicians on staff.


Automha Americas Automation is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of warehouse automation solutions, having been in business since 1979. Automha is the inventor of the pallet shuttle technology, and Prestige is an authorized integrator of their Pallet Runner product line.

Material Handling & Other Partners

Presto Lifts

Presto provides an unmatched selection of lift tables, with various styles, configurations, and capacities available.


Morse is the industry specialist in drum handling equipment.


Since 1947, Hytrol has been a world leader in the design and manufacturing of material handling systems, with a targeted focus on conveyor applications.

Aaron Bradley

Aaron-Bradley manufacturers premier dock equipment, dock doors, lifts, and gates.


Handle It provides safety and packaging equipment applicable for a myriad of industries.


Justrite is the leading source of safety cabinets and equipment for hazardous materials, environmental protection spill containment devices, and flammable liquids. Since 1906, Justrite has been providing quality, compliant products.

Little Giant

Little Giant offers durable industrial carts, workbenches, and storage solutions designed for heavy-duty use across various industries. Manufactured in the USA, their extensive product line emphasizes strength, longevity, and customizability to meet specific organizational needs.