Horizontal Carousels


Prestige offers Modula’s Horizontal Carousel (HC) product line for customers with constrained vertical space who still seek a “parts to picker” solution.

Product Description and Benefits

A horizontal carousel is a “parts to picker” semi-automated material handling solution consisting of bins with configurable shelves that slide horizontally on an oval-shaped track. The units are typically tied into a WMS so that when operators pick orders, inventory is tracked automatically. A motor unit, a structure that houses the shelves, and doors/other safety equipment are the primary components of the carousel.

When considering the ROI of a Modula HC, customers typically see a timeframe of 6-18 months attributable to 6 primary areas.

Save Time

Depending on the specific unit (i.e., size, drive, picking accessories), the set-up of that unit (i.e., average picks each time a bin is presented), and the confirmation of pick time, an employee can achieve up to 550 lines per hour. Only one employee is needed for every pod of HCs.

Save Space

Dead space in traditional storage systems (i.e., shelving, racking) can be minimized with an HC. Adjustable individual shelves on 2” increments enable operations to be set up for a customer’s specific product.

Reduce Risks

Automatic safety cut-offs (i.e., doors) and the ergonomic design of the Modula HC put safety first. Parts are delivered directly to the operator so they do not have to move around/bend in the warehouse, reducing the possibility of injury and product damage.

Increase Security

User profiles can be created, limiting access to certain bins to only select employees. The multitude of user authentication features enables security with almost any existing setup. Every movement is automatically logged in the HC, allowing traceability when contradictions occur.

Improve Inventory Management

Since the units trace the movement of items – in and out – the tasks associated with inventory monitoring are all but eliminated. When leveraging the Modula Premium Software package, inventory control will tie directly into a company’s ERP

Improve Accuracy

With traditional warehouses, human errors are nearly unavoidable, and at a high enough volume/pick price, this can become extremely costly. With the appropriate visual aid features, 99% accuracy can be achieved with an HC.


Modula Horizontal Carousels come in numerous configurations and can be strung together in a “Pod” grouping (anywhere from 1 to 4 carousels). The two models, the MD and MG, have the following specifications:

Bin SpecificationsMDMG
Bin Inside Width24″36″
Bin/Shelf Depth18″ & 24″
Shelf Adjustment Increments2″
Bin Nominal Heights84″ & 96″
Total Height of Carousel119″(84″ Bins) – 131″(96″ Bins)
Length of Carousel14.9 ft. to 170 ft.15.4 ft. to 169.5 ft.
Bins Per Carousel12 Bins to 150 Bins8 Bins to 100 Bins
Maximum Bin Capacity1,200 lbs.
Maximum Shelf Capacity250 lbs.
Bin Construction20 ga. Galvanized Steel, solid sides and back wall
Shelf ConstructionSolid Surface, 18ga Galvanized Steel
Drive HPSingle or Dual 3HP
Max Live Load CapacitySingle Drive (40,000 lbs.) or Dual Drive (80,000 lbs.)
Carousel Maximum Speed1 mph


Modula WMS software is a complete inventory management software. It is compatible with all configurations in Modula’s product line and can seamlessly exchange information with existing WMS systems.

Prestige is an Authorized Modula Dealer

Prestige has certified installation and service technicians on staff to ensure your system is functioning seamlessly well beyond the commissioning date.