Storage Bins & Accessories

Prestige’s Versatile Storage and Organization Solutions

Prestige offers diverse storage and organization options. Our selection spans from high-density storage bins, space-efficient nest & stack totes, robust bins for bulky items, and multi-compartment bins for streamlined organization. Additionally, we offer bins that provide clear visibility of contents, enhancing efficiency. Crafted to meet various industrial needs, these solutions, featuring high-grade polymers, are ideal for various environments, affirming Prestige’s commitment to delivering versatile and durable storage options.

Enhancing Organization: Prestige’s Storage Accessories

Prestige enhances its storage offerings with various accessories designed to maximize organization and efficiency. These include customizable options like clear lids for dust protection and content security, dividers and inserts for creating tailored compartments within bins, rail kits for adding mobility and accessibility to storage systems, and labeling solutions for easy identification of contents. Compatible with our bins, totes, and shelving product offerings, these accessories provide a comprehensive solution to meet diverse storage and organization needs in different environments.