Modula VLM Installation, Service, & Maintenance

Modula Installation, Service & Maintenance by Prestige

At Prestige, we are your go-to experts for turn-key Modula VLM services. From the initial fact-finding session, to the first bolt put into the machine during installation, to re-leveling the elevator during preventive maintenance, Prestige handles every aspect of a VLM project internally from start to finish. Our dedicated VLM team, also known as the Mod Squad, ensures your automated storage systems achieve peak efficiency and reliability, leveraging our extensive expertise to cater to your specific operational needs.

With the Prestige Mod Squad at your service, you gain access to a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the lifecycle of your Modula systems. From the initial design and installation to advanced maintenance and support, our approach is designed to exceed your operational expectations. Trust in our dedicated team to maximize your storage capabilities and operational productivity.

Why Choose Prestige for Your VLM Experience?

Expertise and Premier Service for Your Storage Solutions

Our Mod Squad stands ready to ensure the continuous performance of your VLM. Offering a spectrum of services from installation to scheduled maintenance to emergency repairs, we keep your Vertical Lift Modules running effectively. Our proactive maintenance plans are crafted to minimize downtime and enhance the longevity of your Modula systems.

Prestige’s commitment to VLM support and service is unmatched, focusing on precision and continuous communication, backed by our extensive knowledge of vertical storage technologies. The Mod Squad is adept at preempting and resolving potential issues, maintaining the efficiency and reliability of your Modula equipment, and keeping your operations seamless and productive. Whether it be our dedicated Modula VLM service van, our full suite of spare parts stocked in Chattanooga, TN, or our very own showroom and training unit, Prestige is fully invested in supporting customers who invest in the VLM product line.

Comprehensive Support Services

A Full Suite of Services Designed to Maintain the Integrity and Performance of Your Modula VLM

Install Setup & Installation

Our experts ensure that your VLM is designed with process and optimization in mind, and installed with precision, following all protocols to set a solid foundation for the initial stages of machine use.

Software Support

We project manage Modula’s world class IT team to make sure the software implemented fits your operation, whether we interface with an existing ERP or operate as a stand-alone system.

Routine Maintenance

We schedule regular maintenance sessions to pre-empt potential issues, replace worn components, and keep your system running efficiently.

Emergency Reports

Should the unexpected occur, the Mod Squad is quick to respond with the right synopsis and expertise to minimize downtime and restore functionality.

Performance Optimization

We continually assess your VLM's performance, suggesting and implementing improvements to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Training & Support

To empower your team, we offer training sessions and support to help make operators and management make the most of your Modula VLMs.

Elevating Your VLM Experience

Choosing Prestige means more than just selecting a provider; it means partnering with a leader in VLM solutions. Our Mod Squad doesn’t just sell units and fix problems – they enhance and optimize your storage systems, providing strategic insights to improve efficiency and performance. 

The Mod Squad Difference

  • Expertise and Detailed Analysis: We don’t just throw quotes over the wall; we take the time to truly understand your overall operation, your challenges, and your goals, and make sure the units proposed meet the expected ROI required to justify the capital expenditure needed.
  • Infrastructure: We have employed factory trained technicians, invested in all necessary spare parts, and purchased our own VLM unit for continuous training all in an effort to support our customers with the best service possible.
  • Transparency: We believe in clear communication, providing detailed timelines across the order process and reports on services rendered, offering straightforward feedback without technical jargon.
  • Quick Turnaround: Time is money, and our swift in-house service ensures that your operations resume as quickly as possible after any interruption.

Are You Ready to Partner with Prestige’s Mod Squad?

Contact Prestige and let our Mod Squad show you how our installation, maintenance, and service programs can transform your operation’s efficiency and reliability. Join the many businesses benefiting from our expertise and experience the Prestige difference today.

Prestige is an Authorized Modula Dealer

Prestige has certified installation and service technicians on staff to ensure your Modula VLM system is functioning seamlessly well beyond the commissioning date.