Pallet Racking

Selective Racking Systems

Immediate Access For Dynamic Inventory

Selective pallet racking systems are the most commonly used pallet storage solutions and are highly versatile for a wide range of warehouse needs. These systems allow for immediate access to every pallet, making them ideal in situations where customers have a myriad of SKUs. The design is such that it accommodates varying pallet types and sizes (width, depth, and height), and can be easily adjusted or relocated. With selective racking, you can optimize your warehouse space while ensuring efficient inventory turnover. Whether you’re dealing with consumer goods or industrial equipment, selective pallet racking offers the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Comparing Racking Systems

Roll-Form Versus Structural: What's the difference?

Roll-Form Rack

Pallet Racking Boltless Rack


  • Quick and simple assembly without the need for hardware.
  • Versatile & easily reconfigurable for various storage needs.
  • Cost-effective solution for typical capacities.


  • Capacity limitations due to material.
  • More susceptible to fork lift damage.

Structural Channel Rack

pallet racking bolted rack


  • Robust design suitable for heavy-duty storage.
  • Enhanced stability & load-bearing capacity.
  • Durable construction for long-term industrial use.


  • Typically requires more investment upfront.
  • Assembly & reconfiguration can be more labor-intensive.

Dense Racking Systems

Maximized Storage Capacity For Low SKU Count Inventory

Dense pallet racking systems sacrifice selectivity, but yield storage density. These systems maximize floor space by reducing the number of aisles needed between racks. While they may not offer immediate access to every pallet like selective systems, they are excellent for storing large quantities of similar items. Dense racking is particularly useful for items with a longer shelf life or those that move in large, bulk quantities. If you’re looking to increase storage capacity without expanding your footprint, dense pallet racking could be the solution for you.

What is the most efficient & cost effective pallet racking system for your business?

Specialty Racking Systems

Additional standard and custom racking solutions

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Pallet Racking System Example

Cantilever rack stands out in the storage solution sector with its distinctive design that features vertical supports at the back and protruding ‘arms’ for holding materials. This configuration is particularly beneficial for handling long or irregularly shaped items, such as timber, piping, or sheets. With a variety of styles and load capacities, cantilever rack offers a versatile and accessible choice for many storage scenarios, ensuring materials are both secure and easily retrievable.

Die Storage Rack

Die Racking System Example

Die rack is engineered to provide robust and precise storage for heavy dies and molds. With reinforced cross-members and a sturdy frame, die rack is designed to withstand the substantial weight and frequent access associated with die and mold storage. The typical configuration allows for easy loading and unloading, facilitating efficient operations and better inventory management. Available in various dimensions and load-bearing capacities, die rack can be customized to fit the unique requirements of any workspace.

More Solutions

Steel Bar Racking Example

We also offer many other solutions including but not limited to: steel bar rack, drum storage rack, tire rack, and carpet rack. These systems are tailored to store non-standard items securely and efficiently. Each racking solution is crafted to maximize space utilization while ensuring easy access and handling. Whether you’re dealing with awkward shapes, heavy loads, or need a non-conventional storage setup, we have the expertise to design a system that fits your specific demands.

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Enhance Your Warehouse Efficiency

The Synergy of Traditional Pallet Racking and Automated Storage

In the realm of warehousing and inventory management, traditional pallet racking systems are fundamental, offering versatility and reliability that businesses have depended on for decades. These systems provide the backbone for efficient storage, allowing for easy access and organization of goods. However, as the industry evolves, the integration of automated storage solutions alongside traditional racking is becoming an increasingly attractive option for those looking to boost operational efficiency and space utilization.

Prestige offers innovative automated storage systems designed to complement your existing pallet racking setup. By selectively integrating automation, companies can achieve higher productivity and accuracy in inventory management. This blend of tradition and innovation ensures that every warehouse, regardless of size or sector, can find a balance that maximizes efficiency and prepares for future growth. Explore our solutions to discover how automation can elevate your storage strategy.

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