Industrial Guard Rail

Protecting Your People, Product, and Facility:

Industrial Guard Rail

In the dynamic environment of a warehouse, safety and efficiency are paramount. Guard rail plays a crucial role in maintaining these aspects. As a full-service storage and material handling company in the Southeast, we are committed to offering top-quality guard rail solutions. In this blog, we will explore the necessity of guard rail in warehouses, the various types available, the accessories we provide, and our commitment to keeping these products in stock for immediate needs.

Why Guard Rail is Needed in Facilities: Guard rail serves as a physical barrier, preventing accidents and protecting both personnel and equipment in busy settings. These rails and posts delineate walkways, secure equipment, and protect vulnerable areas like loading docks, building columns, and storage systems. By installing guard rail, warehouses can ensure compliance with safety regulations and ultimately create a safer work environment.

Types of Guard Rail:

  • Bolted vs. Lift-Out:
    • Bolted: Durable and robust, ideal for permanent protection.
    • Lift-Out: Flexible and ideal for areas that have traffic pass through
  • Single High vs. Double High
    • Single High: One rail high, ideal for protecting against low height equipment
    • Double High: Two rails high, ideal for protecting against conventional lifts
Warehouse Safety Guard Rail Example

Accessories and Customization: Our range of accessories ensures that our guard rail meets the specific needs of your warehouse. This includes:

  • Safety Gates: To provide controlled access points.
  • Lift-Out Pockets: For seamless conversion of bolted guard rail to lift-out guard rail.

In-Stock Availability: Understanding the urgent need for safety solutions, we are a proud stocking distributor of Steel King’s Steel Guard Heavy Duty Guard Rail. We keep these 11-gauge, 3 rib rails (from 1’ to 10’ in 1’ increments) and accompanying 4”X4” posts (various different post configurations) with 10”X10” baseplates available in Chattanooga, TN. Our guard rail comes complete with all necessary hardware and anchors. This inventory allows us to provide quick delivery and installation, minimizing downtime for your operations.

Steel King Warehouse Safety Guard Rail System
Steel King Warehouse Safety Guard Rail System Slide On

Full-Service Offering: As a comprehensive provider in the Southeast, our services extend beyond sales. We offer professional design, ensuring an optimal layout is provided, and installation, ensuring that your guard rail is set up correctly and efficiently. Additionally, we provide maintenance and replacement services to ensure that your safety barriers remain effective and compliant over time.

Guard rail is an essential component of warehouse safety and efficiency. With a variety of types and accessories available and our commitment to keeping these products in stock, we are your go-to source for all your guard rail needs. As a full-service company, we ensure that your warehouse safety solutions are handled from purchase to installation and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our guard rail solutions and how we can help enhance the protection of your operation.

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